WhatsApp Status

If the blog title makes you think, am going to preach about ideal WhatsApp statuses, or an explanation of my Ex-Status, please do not read further.

This small write-up is all about the attempt made to ensure my blog reaches a wider audience.

Being branded as incompatible for the virtual world, as I do not own a Facebook or a twitter account, my next best option to beat the drums, was via WhatsApp.

Yeah I know, there is a WhatsApp plugin for WordPress. However, I wouldn’t prefer cluttering group or individual conversations with my blog links – though this is the mechanism I had relied on so far.

What next? I tried to harbor my blog link in WhatsApp status,  only to realize, that it’s a plain text field. I tried WhatsApp web, used html tags – but to no avail.  The data never turned blue.


Yes, people can copy/paste. However, I myself  would never take that pain, unless and until the person is someone very close.

For comparative analysis, I downloaded other messengers and hit gold with the first one – hike does allow hyperlinks in its status.


I find this feature to be quite beneficial. For e.g. many apartment associations have google groups for long mail conversations and WhatsApp group for shorter chats. What if, google group’s hyperlink could be added to WhatsApp status, for quick reference. I have heard WhatsApp groups of parents whose kids study in same school. It would be so cool, if someone sets the group status to the hyperlink of exam’s schedule posted on school website.

Considering the endless possibilities, I would really like to see this feature in their next update.

Or wait, does the premium version already has it ?

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  1. Monika Gupta says:

    So true! This feature , can be really beneficial. Very well thought Vinita.


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