Real Fresh Dosa Corner

What about it ? Sounds like any other Dosa joint in Bangalore. Nope, this one uses ONLY Amul Butter.

My tryst with Dosa corner started thus:

Me: “How was your weekend MJ” ?

MJ: Cool, we went to Dosa joint at AECS layout.

After two weeks, Me: “How was the weekend MJ” ?

MJ: Great, we went to Dosa joint at AECS layout. You know, they use one full cube of Amul Butter.

You guessed it right, he is a gujju and appreciates everything which is “Utterly, Butterly, Delicious”.

The appreciations continued and made me drool for the yummy Dosas, each time I crossed AECS layout.

For poor unaware souls, Dosa is a kind of pancake made from a fermented batter of rice and urad dal. Dosa is part and parcel of the South Indian diet and popular all over the Indian subcontinent. I just love them – especially Paper Masala.

Finally, could convince my friends to treat it as our dinner joint for tonight. We reached our destination around 9 P.M, and as expected it was bustling with activity.IMG_5484

Clientele included all genres, with a predominance of North Indian influx staying in nearby PG accommodations.

A look at the menu and confusion reigned supreme.


Ensure you choose the variety carefully, so as to not to repent later. Just because you like Chinese, doesn’t imply you would like “Spring Cheese Dosa” too. Stick to the flavors you relish – like their Palak and Corn varieties. Price per pc is in the range of 40-100 INR. Please note, that this restaurant serves pure veg food . Never heard of non-veg Dosa, do visit Empire.

As you would have guessed by now, we ordered one Spring Cheese and one Chinese Paneer Cheese Schezwan.

It took about half an hour for the order to arrive. In the meantime, had Fresh lime from the nearby juice shop. With a ban on plastic , there are no straws provided. So, if you suffer from OCD, carry your own tupperware jar or a straw.

The end product looked neat with two varieties of chutneys.

IMG_5493 (1).JPG

There is no sambhar and I wouldn’t complain, as on any given day, I would prefer chutney to Sambhar. Also, you can refill the chutney umpteen number of times. Happy ??

Since Dosas are freshly served, they are quite hot. So please, wait for couple of minutes before you take your first bite.

It’s a roadside joint, where you need to stand and eat – if you are lucky you might get to use one of the two tables or the small seating place inside. I noticed, people using their bikes and car as the seating area, which is cool too.

The place has a hand-wash and drinking water facility. There were 4 crewemen – one taking the orders, two chefs and two helpers, who ensured that food gets served on clean, washed plates.  There are parcel facilities at an additional charge of 2 Rs. There is a bucket kept, where you are supposed to dispose your used plate. This was not a practice being followed. Next time, be diligent in doing your duties.

I ought to mention our appreciation for the one who held the forte – with almost 10 orders pouring every minute, he remembered all the details and never ever flinched ones.

Now the main part :  taste of the food –  I didn’t like what I had. AM not sure, if it’s a problem with my palate, my choices or the  destiny – May be a weird combination of all three.

Would have preferred if it was less cheesy – there seemed to be an overdose.

However, I was the only one, suffering from the guilt, as everyone else seemed to be enjoying what they had ordered.

In a nutshell, if you like dosas, want to deviate from regular Masala Dosa or home/PG food routine, or need to treat your friends on a budget, this might be a good option. It’s not meant for oldies as the wait and taste might tire them out – With them I would prefer Keshar, a bit ahead.

For the varieties, top notch customer service and pocket friendly options, I would give this place 3 Dosas out of 5.


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