Words Palette

How do you decide on the perfect farewell gift for your colleagues, who had impressed you with their intelligence and personality, whose company you cherished, whose laughter brightened your day and to whom, you never wanted to say Good-Bye. Tough, I know.

I had never been an advocate of gift cards/vouchers/cash as they seem like an easy option to be done away with the job at hand.  There is a second school of thought,  who believe these to be more useful, as they  let receivers buy something materialistic of their choice.

So here is my philosophy : If the person is special, I rack my brains, or else I just leave it to environmental factors. Which one is better, well I might not be the right person to answer that.

In this particular case, I thought, searched and was disappointed with the options at hand, until I came across  WordsPalette

Words Palette is a beautiful way to give words to your thoughts. Your perceptions, feelings, respect and love for someone, are brought to life through an amalgamation of words carefully crafted in an image of your choice.

Once I visited their facebook page and browsed through the catalog,  I was convinced, that my quest for the perfect gift had finally ended.

Next was the task of finding the right image, and words to go with it. Believe me , this is the best part of Words Palette. It makes you think about a person, like you might have never thought before.

I was through with that too. Was just waiting for the right time to place an order.

In the meantime, I took birth and received this:

Surprise, happiness, shock – experienced everything in that fleeting moment. Things do happen when you had expected them the least. And then it dawned, she is my MOM after all.

My Words Palette art made me realize,  people do observe, appreciate and remember.  Ten years down the line, on a Sunday afternoon, with coffee in one hand and the frame in other, I am sure I would smile and be thankful to all those who made me smile.

So next time, you need to gift, please do visit Words Palette on  FB. There are regular updates with innovative ideas, catering to every relationship. Only recommendation I have  – limit it for special people on special occasions .

BOYZONE was right when they sang “It’s only WORDS and words are all I have to take your heart away”.

Hence proved.

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