We had been together for more than a decade now. Initial years just felt like a cool breeze. Heated issues got resolved within 24 hrs. I was sure I had made the right choice.

I was wrong.

It all started when I relocated. The surroundings were not conducive for uninterrupted conversations. There were frequent disconnects. Several theories surfaced: connection is weak,  junction box needs to be changed et. al. Determined that my Beetel 110 TC1 modem and the sibling Beetel router are not to be blamed, I changed the course of my optical network to rectify the issue. It also made me get rid of an entangled mess of wires, as they all got tucked away in a cosy corner, unnoticeable to human eye. A month of sleepless nights, and I could finally surf in peace again.

Lesson learnt: Next time, when any physical or emotional entity tries to enforce its viewpoints, use your sound judgement. They might be right, but you need to ask the right questions to yourself to ensure they are right.

As they say, Life has its own share of ups and downs. This time AB gave a bigger jolt, by starting to switch off almost in a minute’s interval. When the mood swings became unbearable, I decided to bring it to the attention of concerned authorities. I was told that firmware had been deprecated and you need to invest in a new one. What’s the guarantee that it would work – None. You just need to trust. TRUST is what I am afraid of. However, left with no choice, I decided to give it a second chance. Installed a preloved Beetel 450 TC1. To my surprise, it finally brought the respite I was hoping for.

Things look fine today. There is a drop every now and then, when the expectations and frequency mismatch. I guess, I can live with it, until my neurons are put to test again.

OKAY, so the point I am trying to convey is that if you are using an older modem and facing frequent broadband disconnections, switch to newer hardware. D-link 2750U available at Amazon India might be a good choice.

If that doesn’t work and you are on 8Mbps plan, downgrade to 4 Mbps, if that serves your purpose.

While configuring your router parameters, if the devices are not getting connected, set the Connection channel in Wi-fi settings to 11. It might resolve the issue.

Finally, as you would have spent a lot of time and energy in this exercise, try for a compensation. Your bill might get waved off for the duration you had endured this ordeal for.

If you are still unhappy, change.

I didn’t.

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