Happy Sunday Morning

Well , I was quite divided with the title of this blog – Should it be the Street Day At Jayanagar,  Energetic outing at LalBag, late show at Brahmin’s Cafe, or the brunch at Koshy’s. Read on to find the reason behind the final outcome.

Let me start with the faux.

In its 5th May  edition, TOI had advertised about its upcoming Street Day Event.

Venue :  Jayanagar 4th Block

Date: 8th May

Time: 7 A.M

The excitement generated by earlier events at HSR and Commercial Street, prompted me to attend this one. However, destiny had something else in store. The event never occurred. Though there was an indirect hint of its cancellation on Bangalore’s FB page, the organizers didn’t bother to publish any concrete  info, leaving the citizens in lurch.

We started at 7 A.M. from Marathahalli hoping to see kids with Hula Hoops. I should have just listened to my instincts. At 8 A.M, Jayanagar was still waking up after the usual  shopping and dining spree it had witnessed the night before.  There were no signs of any Street Day!

😦  What next – Let’s go to LalBagh

Lalbagh, as the name suggests is a huge botanical garden in the heart of Bangalore city. If you are looking for a morning workout in the lap of nature, this is the place to go. There is Cubbon Park, of course. Which one is better, depends on where you stay …


The moment we entered Lalbagh, we could sense the enthusiasm in the air, as it gets infused into all its entrants, including us. A look around and this is what you see:

Morning photo-shoots, badminton sessions, picnickers, pensioner’s gang, avid joggers – Lalbagh witnesses it all in the early hours.

LalBagh boasts of a beautiful Glass House, which is brought to life on every Republic and Independence day, through beautiful flower shows.


As if this was not enough, the place is bordered on one side by a serene lake, which quietly adds to its mystic beauty.


Civic amenities are well taken care of too.

PDA is rampant here: With just one message – Please leave Us Alone.

It also houses options of early morning shopping of fresh produce, to take its freshness back home.

As for me, I took some memories.

At a price.  Usage of camera, post 8 A.M,  is chargeable. A fee of 50/ INR was collected by this mobile happy go-lucky guy.


Once out, we decided to head for Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, one of the oldest joints, famous for its mouth watering idlis, dosas and filter coffee. Google Maps did warn that the place might shut down, by the time we reach, as conceited we are, we chose to ignore. And as always, Google was right. With a pic and will to visit this place again, we left with a heavy heart. If you are planning to visit this restaurant, ensure you are here before 9 A.M, even on a Sunday.


Dynamic Thinking and we landed at Koshy’s.

I was SO elated. After a wait of twelve long years, I was finally going to have the BRUNCH at THE KOSHY’s. Scourge wikipedia and you will know the reason behind my excitement.


The happiness was short lived, as there was a wait period of approx. half an hour. Nevertheless, we stood in the queue, which kept on getting longer with the passage of time. Few observations made during the wait period : selfie lady who hadn’t even bothered to remove the price tag from her bag, people eager to update FB and twitter when they hadn’t even ordered, old timers and party goers (at least they looked like one). This place was as happening as Church Street Social.

Past 30 min, being unable to ignore the hunger pangs,  I dashed for K.C Das. Was just through with first spoon of Misti Doi and iPhone beeped – crossed the road in a jiffy and was finally inside the most revered joint in Bangalore.

The place still bears the old world charm – Cloak Room (for a washroom), fans for an AC, B/W frames and  billing booths.


A wait of fifteen minutes for the menu and the order, and we finally satiated ourselves with Omelette and Koshy’s Special Coffee.  Nothing exceptional, except that dudes here start their breakfast with Beer. As for me, I liked their Bread. Figured that these can be bought from Koshy’s bakery at Richmond town. Next time you are in the neighborhood, do try one.

Will I visit Koshy’s again – Might, For their Baked beans and bread, but definitely not on a Sunday.

Should you visit – Yes – as this might be the only place which houses the true essence of Bangalore under one roof.

12 P.M and we were through another Sunday morning –  soaked in the freshness of early morning dew at Lalbagh , the aroma of coffee at Koshy’s and the thought they echoed : Never change yourself to please others, try to meet your own standards.


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