DIY SmartPhone Projector

Chotu : “Gift mil gaya kya ?”

Me: “Nahin, bheja bhi hai ?”

Chotu: “Ha, its a DIY phone projector”.

And I froze. What were AJ and chotu thinking when they ordered a DIY stuff for the most clumsy and confused person on this planet Earth. May be they weren’t, as always.

Once the news sunk in, I felt a surge of conflicting emotions. My grey cells made be skeptical, but the child in me couldn’t resist a smile.

Post verification of my KYC documents by the courier company (the gift was shipped from a foreign land) , the parcel was delivered,  ten days after the scheduled date. The wait was worth it.

After numerous coaxing sessions by Mom, I finally mustered the strength to give it a try.

Referred the video at, as it does a good job of demonstrating the assembly tactics in two and a half minutes. There are instructions on the box itself, but we preferred following the video.

If you don’t like end minute surprises, keep glue handy, as it is not supplied in the box. 2 small tubes of Fevikwik should suffice, provided you are not as generous as my Mom is.

Glue overdose, successful win over folding and number matching hiccups, and finally the unseen lens adjustments – it took us approx. 20 min to complete the entire ordeal. The end product looked cool:

Pretty happy at our achievement, we decided to put it to some practical use.

As per the instructions and my experience, keep the brightness and volume of your smartphone to maximum. Use the sticky gel pad shipped in the box, to hold the phone in right position. Adjust the lens for required focus, and finally ensure the room is dark – when I say dark I mean really really dark.

With these taken care of, all went well, except that I was not happy with the brightness of the projected image. This issue had been reported by other users as well , and suggested solution is to download an app to boost the screen’s brightness. However, I was unable to locate such an app for my iPhone. Please ping me if you know of one.

Phone’s audio should suffice. However, there are provisions to connect speakers to phone’s audio output. Also you can charge the phone’s battery to ensure an uninterrupted movie experience. I liked the fact that these details had been taken care of.

In a nutshell, a good project for kids for summer vacations. For adults, a great method to test your patience and motor skills, provided the sedentary lifestyle hasn’t eroded those..

My takeaway -The entire exercise made me more confident to try out my next DIY gift.

Your takeaway -A picture perfect shot of something which has the power to bring it to life!


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