Lucknow Travelogue : Day 2: 19/1/2019

After a satisfactory Day 1: , we had turned into enthu cutlets and were craving for some more piece of Lucknow history. The British Residency was the answer. Nestled in heart of Lucknow, this has been mentioned as one of the most sought after tourist spots in Lucknow. The grandeur of the place can be viewed at the entrance itself. The Residency had been … Continue reading Lucknow Travelogue : Day 2: 19/1/2019

Lucknow Travelogue: Bada Imambara

If you haven’t figured out till now, let me inform you that I am on a Lucknow tour. This is 18th Jan 2019, Day 1 of our tour. We have already visited Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza and are done with a delicious lunch at Chowk. You can read more about our exploits here: Next on the itinerary is Bada Imambara. The time is 3:30 … Continue reading Lucknow Travelogue: Bada Imambara

Lucknow Travelogue- DAY 1 : 18/1/2019

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs , capital of U.P. and a place loaded with rich cultural heritage and royal etiquette had been on my bucket list for quite a while. It’s something like that thing in your subconscious mind, which nags at times but you never make a conscious effort to achieve it. The knock finally came in form of NV’s marriage and before she … Continue reading Lucknow Travelogue- DAY 1 : 18/1/2019

A Glimpse Of Rajasthani Gourmet

Rajasthani implies from the state of Rajasthan – an Indian province well known far and wide for its Rajputana heroism, controversial Jauhar, ferocious desert and mouth-watering food. What I am going to concentrate in this photo blog is its FOOD, devoured, during a recent visit to twin cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. In sync with the norms, the food of Rajasthan is largely influenced by the … Continue reading A Glimpse Of Rajasthani Gourmet

Honey, I shrunk my brain again!!

Now that it was already shrunken, I was unable to cope up with any further ramifications and decided to do something about it. As always, I kept on procrastinating, till a post lunch  walk with AS, sorted it all out. Here’s a brief account of my self realisations, self assassinations  and self assessments. Any references to any person or event living or dead, past or … Continue reading Honey, I shrunk my brain again!!

SinnaDorai – Kadamane

Home away from home, peace and tranquility, silence, solitude, bliss. If not anything more, these adjectives still do not do justice to Sinnadorai – Kadamane. View the intro  here , and let  the scenes unfold, as I take you through the tea estate and its colonial bungalow which are sure to transpose you to an era gone by. Doesn’t the entrance itself makes you feel vintage. As you … Continue reading SinnaDorai – Kadamane